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Sea Island Carriage Company

Sterling Silver, Silver for short, is a French Percheron Draft Horse. Silver was previously Amish and then worked at a troubled boys camp before moving to Beaufort. He's now enjoying life here in Beaufort!


Sterling "Silver"

Journey is a Belgian draft horse. Journey was purchased from a rescue out of PA. We named her "Journey" because her new journey is starting here with Sea Island Carriage Company. (Journey fully retired in Spring of 2017)


Angus is a 7 year old pure breed Shire gelding (most commonly confused with a Clydesdale). Before joining our family in Beaufort, Angus was a carriage horse in Memphis Tennessee! He is the youngest in our herd but you wouldn't know it :)


Chief is a French Percheron Draft horse. Chief was raised Amish before becoming a carriage horse in San Antonio, TX. Chief joined our team in the early Spring of 2017 and is doing great!

Stucky is an 11 year old French Percheron Draft horse. Stucky is from Missouri. He was an Amish plow horse before his owner sold him to the highest bidder in Auction... That's where we come in... And he living happily ever after :) 


Bob is a Belgian draft horse. Bob has lived the majority of his life working for the Amish in Ohio. Bob is now fully retired and lives peacefully with Babe in Georgia :)  


Babe is a Belgian Draft horse. She comes from Indiana originally where she worked for the Amish. Before giving tours in Beaufort Babe worked in Savannah, GA. Babe is now Fully retired a lives on a 125 acre farm in GA.


Merlin is a French Percheron draft horse. He came to us from Florida. Merlin has quite the portfolio, he "starred" in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, or was an extra, but who's cares! Merlin can be found napping downtown by the water trough. Stop by for an autograph. (Merlin fully retired in the Fall of 2016)